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The company Rotomatika d.o.o. purchased 3D CNC DEA measuring machine

24. avgust 2006, source Rotomatika d.o.o.

Penetration of the Rotomatika d.o.o. company into the demanding markets of the automotive industry and numerous related development projects have resulted in a necessary investment in the 3D CNC measuring machine aiming at additional verification and validation of the development products (Type: DEA Global 07 10 07), which was purchased under the TECES-ESRR project.

In the company, the 3D CNC measuring machine is used as development equipment for all programmes implemented in the Rotomatika Company or for their development. The machine is intended as a mean of assistance with the development of moulding castings and technologies. In the development and manufacturing of their moulding tools, the Rotomatika research and development department urgently needs a support in precise measurements, which was acquired through the purchase of the 3D CNC measuring machine.

At the same time, they use the purchased measuring machine for the provision of support with the development of electric motors, fans and finely stamped parts. The measuring machine is intended for a very precise and dynamic measurement or scanning of most different measured parts and the process control.

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