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TECES participated in the development of Contactless Energy Transfer to the omnidirectional display of the company Kolektor Group d.o.o.

6. marec 2008, Idrija, source Kolektor Group, d.o.o.

From 2004 to 2007 it was for the first time that the Kolektor Company had a part of development costs and development investments co-financed through European funds of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Therefore, we made a short presentation of the results of these projects.

Project: Development Support to Innovations in the Field of Opto-mechatronical Omni-directional Displays
From 2004 to 2007 we have been developing omni-directional display up to its introduction into regular production. During the project, also two patents and one trademark have been registered. In Germany we have filed the patent application that protects technical solution for positioning and change of printed posters in OMVP PRN, while in the USA we have filed the patent application  by which the invention for geometrical correction of visual information in OMVP PRN or OMVP LED is protected. Furthermore, we have filed also the application for international registration of trademark “RIMACORE” that represents the protection of the name of the technology for omni-directional and synchronous presentation of visual information. During the most intensive work, 35 people cooperated in the team. In this time the development team as well as the marketing team that collected information about the needs in the target markets gained new strengths. Target marketing niche of omni-directional display is advertising, therefore potential customers are advertising agencies that invest into advertising space and market them further to the target customers of advertising campaign. Currently, the presentations for the customers are carried out and distribution network abroad is being built. Based on the information collected so far, we will be focused especially to the markets such as: Russia, Dubai, Spain, France, England, Canada and the USA.

Project: Development of Vacuum Cleaning Unit With Electronically Commutated Motor
Within the framework of the project, the holder of which was Domel, the electronics for controlling the BLDC motors has been successfully developed in Kolektor Group. New knowledge and skills, achieved during the project are now well used for acquiring new businesses. Thus, there are currently two new projects of development of electronics for controlling brushless motors with permanent magnets taking place. Furthermore, we still cooperate with the Domel Company in a joint project of BLDC motor usage in target applications. Acquiring knowledge in the field of controlling the electronically commutated motors coincides with the development of other projects in the field of BLDC motors carried out within the trust.   

Project: Drive Systems for Electronic Power Steering
The project of development of the rotors for drive systems carried out in cooperation with Iskra Avtoelektrika and Hidria Rotomatika proved to be very successful. This was the first project in this field and Kolektor Group was provided an opportunity to enter the field of electronically commutated motors that win more and more recognition lately. The product is rotor that consists of shaft, core made of soft iron and sintered magnets made of NdFeB. The system is overmoulded with thermoset. The rotor has been produced for more than a year and it has been integrated into Opel – Corsa – the Slovenian Car of the Year 2007.
The project of the first rotor for BLDC motor serves mostly as an important reference for Kolektor as the access to new products in automotive industry without appropriate references and skills, supported in practice, is practically impossible. Based on the existing production, there was a great demand for the production of rotors made by Kolektor Group. Therefore, Kolektor Group decided to win recognition as the producer of rotors for BLDC motors. Our Company is currently in the phase of preparation of serial production of rotor for regulation system of automobile motor for a new customer. The production will start in the middle of 2008. Based on demand, quite a few offers for other customers, such as TI, BSH, Bosch and others, have been given. Beside the production of the rotors themselves, the Nanotesla Institute develops plastomagnetic materials that should enable a competitive production of plastomagnetic rotors. These rotors are used for cheaper applications of BLDC motors. Due to better efficiency, the motors with such rotors reach also into the field of small one-phase asynchronous motors. Newly acquired knowledge and experiences open new possibilities for gaining new products. Several products, the metal and electronic parts of which are integrated into the plastic, are being developed.

The purchase of new R&D equipment co-financed through European funds was of key importance for successful implementation of all three projects and for further development projects.
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