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R&D project 3: Electronic Commutated Vacuum Cleaner Motor (EC-VCM) for mass production

About project
The R&D project Electronic Commutated Vacuum Cleaner Motor (EC-VCM) for mass production Domel d.d.. The project is part of the EC drives segment, which plays a vital role in Domel's further development. Implementation of the project has enabled Domel to: increase market share on the segment of EC drives, increase productivity and added value, and also to increase the share of high-tech products.

The developed product, i.e. the EC-VCM is distinguished by a long product life cycle, absence of carbon-brush dust, high efficiency, low noise and speed control.

By cooperation in the project, the partners have: acquired new knowledge needed for development of state-of-the-art VCM systems, electro-motors and motor control electronics.
Project partners
R&D project partners:
  • DOMEL, d.o.o.; R&D project holder and investor.
  • Kolektor Group, d.o.o.; Co-investor and project partner responsible for research & development of a EC electronics.
  • UL FEE

Project duration
Project duration: from 10 July 2004 to 31 December 2006.

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