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TECES-ESRR project partners

Pobreška cesta 20
2000 Maribor, Slovenija

T: +386 2 333 13 50
E: info@teces.si
W: www.teces.si

TECES has integrated the worldwide-established Slovenian companies and educational-research institutions in the field of electric drives. Through a joint R&D infrastructure, TECES is taking over the role of a co-ordinator and holder of joint partners' projects, strengthening hereby its role of a driving institution in the development of innovative environment of the Slovenian industry of electric drives.

In addition to the TECES-ESRR Project, TECES acts as:
  • Holder of the TEPOS project: TECES Project – Innovative Environment of the Slovenian Industry of Electric Drives. More ...
  • Main co-ordinator of "SIHFC, Slovenian Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology Platform". More ...
  • It is actively involved also with the R&D activity in the development of commercial innovative products. More ...
Incorporation of partners within the joint project TECES-ESRR has strengthened investments in joint infrastructure for computer-controlled electric drive systems, actuators and sensors. Partners have strengthened investments in tools for simultaneous development, rapid prototyping and virtual testing, resulting in strengthening of partners capabilities in the entire product life-cycle, from product design to manufacture.

Through investments into joint infrastructure, the joint project has enabled the project partners to establish the infrastructure for implementing the content of research and development (R&D) projects resulting in technologically highly demanding products with high added value.

As part of the joint project within TECES-ESRR, three R&D projects have been carried out:
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